17Apr 2020
by Nick Potter

Where Can I Get Coronavirus Covid-19 Signage For Supermarkets From?

In light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, The Safety Centre has introduced a range of Covid-19 signage to our product portfolio.

This range is designed to give clear precise information and instruction to people within our outside of a building as to the requirements for the Coronavirus Covid-19 crisis.

Many of the signs in this range are ideal for use in Supermarkets, such as the social distancing signs.  We have signage options available for floor or wall mounting, as well as signs for outside of a building, providing clear information as to the rules of the building before entering.  The floor mounted signage range is perfect for use in supermarket aisles, and also infront of checkout areas where people may gather.  They are manufactured from a hard wearing pvc, and are self-adhesive, making them very easy to install.

The wall mounting signage range is perfect for catching persons attention at eye level.  We have versions available for the public areas of the building, and also signage more suitable for staff areas.  The staff area signage is great for providing a reminder to wash their hands, and also to use hand sanitiser.

Coronavirus Signs For Supermarkets

For more information and guidance on these products call us NOW on 01200 428 410 or use the Livechat facility below.

Along with this new Coronavirus Signage range we can also supply standard signage products from leading manufacturers such as Jalite.  These signs are available in standard white, and also a photoluminescent material.  This range includes fire exit, floor level, fire alarm system equipment and fire extinguisher signage, along with many more.

If you’re interested in these products you may be interested in our Covid-19 Signage and Hand Sanitiser Gel ranges.