02Nov 2015
by Nick Potter

Wire Free Vibrating Pillow Alarm From Deafgard

The Deafgard Wire Free Vibrating Pillow Alarm is an portable, rechargeable vibrating pillow alarm unit. Ideal for Hotels and Residential Facilities as it allows the establishment to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act.

This moveable wire-free, acoustically-triggered bedside unit that incorporates a high-intensity strobe and a connected vibrator pad, that when placed under the pillow, vibrates to wake the sleeper upon the fire alarm sounding. As the Deafgard Wire Free Vibrating Pillow Alarm unit is both portable and rechargeable, it is an economical solution allowing establishments to stay compliant. A unit can be allocated and given out at check in/registering and returned once the guest has exited the building.

In addition to the vibration alert, the unit also consists of an integral flashing strobe and LCD in the unit which provides visual indication that the fire alarm is sounding, allowing the guest to leave their room to a place of safety. Ideal for use in Care Homes, Hotels and Residential Facilities for hard of hearing or disabled residents in the event of an emergency or fire in compliance with the DDA or Disability Discrimination Act.

Deafgard Vibrating Pillow Alarm

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Deafgard’s Wire Free Vibrating Pillow Alarm features:-

  • Wireless technology
  • Automatically activates when the fire alarm sounds
  • Ensures you comply with elements of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act)
  • Fail-to-safe dual battery supply
  • Alarm clock facility with vibrating pillow pad

Deafgard Wire Free Vibrating Pillow Alarm Product Specifications:-

  • Colour : Black
  • Casing : ABS
  • Weight : 980g
  • Power : 4 x 1.5V C Size Alkaline
  • Expected Battery Life : 12 Months
  • Trigger : By alarms compliant to BS-5839-3

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