20Feb 2011
by Nick Potter

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Radio Fire Alarm Systems

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems have been available in the UK since the early 1990’s.  These are fire alarm systems where the devices making up the system communicate with the main fire alarm control panels wirelessly using radio communications.  The devices are generally battery powered with modern systems using lithium battery technology to increase battery life.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems have several key advantages over traditional hard-wired fire alarm systems.  They can be installed extremely quickly in comparison to hard wired systems as the devices do not need cables installed to connect them together.  They are also suitable for listed buildings and ornate buildings where installing cables would be extemely distriptive and costly.  Wireless Fire Alarm Systems are also extremely useful as temporary fire alarm systems as they can easily be removed and used on many different projects.  They are also extremely useful for phased projects where a fire alarm system with a high level of flexibility is ideal.

Wireless Fire Alarm System Manufacturers in the UK

There are several wireless manufacturers in the UK, these include Electro Detectors (EDA), EMS and Hyfire by Sterling Safety.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

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