28Feb 2013
by Nick Potter

Wireless Fire Alarms | Commercial Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Protect your business with Wireless Fire Alarms

The Best Wireless Fire Alarms

The Safety Centre are a leading distributor of wireless fire alarms and have an extensive collection of various options and models for both commercial and industrial environments, regardless of the size or complexity of the building in question.
One of the newest wireless fire alarms on offer is the EDA Zerio Plus Alarm System from Electro Detectors who, for thirty years, have provided their well-liked and clever fire solutions to the public. This latest option certainly lives up to their reputation of providing reliability and simplicity, while there’ll be no need for lengthy installation times, so productivity in the workplace isn’t affected. Not only does the Zerio Plus offer all that, it complies with EN54-25 part 25 and the brand new European frequency of 868 MHz so you can be sure of the very latest and up to date fire safety technology for your business.

The Zerio range also provides many other great solutions whether transmitters, beacons, heat detectors or smoke detectors are required and we’re delighted to be able to offer our customers such a great selection to choose from.

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