11Jul 2012
by Nick Potter

XP95 Call Point Range

XP95 Call Point Range

Apollo Fire have manufactured the high quality high performance XP95 range of Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm System Equipment.  This range includes detectors, sounder, beacons, interfaces and also a wide range of XP95 Call Point units.

XP95 Call Point

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Within the Apollo XP95 Call Point range there are several options available.  These include addressable call points with or without a short circuit isolator and also a weatherproof version.  the standard interior XP95 Call Point units are suitable for both flush and surface mounting.

Each XP95 Call Point comes supplied complete with a surface mouting backbox, installation instructions and a test / reset key.  These break glass units also have a hinged cover available which stops any accidental false alarms, as the hinged cover needs to be lifted in order to active the XP95 Call Point.

The range includes the following part numbers:-

  • Apollo 55100-905 Call Point (No Isolator)
  • Apollo 55100-908 Call Point (With Isolator)
  • Apollo 58100-950 Weatherproof Call Point (No Isolator)
  • Apollo 58100-951 Weatherproof Call Point (With Isolator)