30May 2013
by Nick Potter

Yuasa Chargers From Yu-Power Now Available

The Safety Centre are pleased to announce the addition of the Yuasa Chargers range to our product portfolio. These devices are part of the Yu-Power brand of Yuasa Chargers designed specifically for use with lead acid batteries. For more information on our Yuasa Chargers range call us NOW on 01200 428 410.
Yuasa Chargers

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Yu-Power Battery Chargers From Yuasa

The Yu-Power range of battery chargers are available in various types depending on the voltage and capacity of the Yuasa Battery that you are charging. The Yu-Power range features 6 volt, 12 volt and 24 volt versions.  These should be matched to the voltage of the battery to be charged. Each one comes supplied with a crocodile clip type adaptor connector that are designed to clamp onto the terminals of the cell and allow the battery to be chargers. The other end of the crocodile clip adaptor features the torbury type connectors which plug onto the torbury connectors on the lead connected to the charger.

Yuasa Lead Acid Battery Chargers

These Yu-Power charger units are designed specifically for use with valve regulated lead acid type batteries. These include standby, cyclic, motorcycle and car batteries. They are intelligent type chargers which monitor the battery and adjust how it charges the cell depending on the measurements that it receives. The chargers are ideal for users who use cyclic type batteries where the battery is being drained of power periodically and re-charging is then required. Examples of these users may be owners of electric golf trolleys, mobility scooter or parents with children who have ride on toys.

Adaptors For Yuasa Chargers

To compliment the range of chargers there is a selection of adaptors available. These adaptors can alter how you connect the battery to the charger.  Examples of these adaptors are the T-Bar type adaptors suited for use with Powakaddy type golf trolley batteries and the crocodile clip adaptors which allow the user to easily clamp the leads directly onto the terminals of the battery.

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