21Mar 2012
by Nick Potter

Yuasa NP7-12

Yuasa NP7-12

As a company, Yuasa are at the forefront of sealed lead acid battery manufacture and have distributors selling their products across the UK and Europe. Using their 80 years experience in the field, Yuasa are commited to producing  top of the range batteries that consistantly perform at the highest level. Here at The Safety Centre we are proud to say that we can offer a wide range of Yuasa batteries, the most popular being the Yuasa NP7-12.


Yuasa NP7-12 Battery

The Yuasa NP7-12 is widely used in industrial environments for use with different systems such as security and fire alarm systems, emergency energy lighting, UPS systems and OEM electrical equipment. Due to its long lasting life and ease of use, the Yuasa NP7-12 has rapidly become one of our top selling batteries. The state of the art electrolyte suspension system, used within the battery, helps to optimise the electrolyte usage so that the battery is able to keep producing longer for the user. Being a lead acid battery, the Yuasa NP7-12 also has the ability to maintain a large output despite its size and weight.

The rechargeable Yuasa NP7-12 battery is manufactured with seperators to prevent short circuiting and requires very little maintenance. The sealed battery helps to stop waste electrolyte discharge which not only helps its running battery life, but helps make the battery last longer when it is not in use. Add this to the fact that the battery can be bought at low cost and has an extensive battery life, the Yuasa NP7-12 is an attractive product to be used with various systems that they may be required for.

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