30Apr 2012
by Nick Potter

Zerio Plus Wireless Fire Alarm System | The Cutty Sark | Fire Alarm Systems

Zerio Plus Wireless Fire Alarm System Now Protecting The Cutty Sark


On the morning of May 21st 2007 London Fire Brigade recieved the first of 16 calls reporting a fire at the Cutty Sark, which at the time was undergoing a major refurbishment project. As a result of the fire the vessel suffered substantial damage. Now the refurbishment project is well underway to restore the 19th century tea clipper to its former glory. As part of these works the site is being protected by a temporary fire alarm system utilising the latest EN54 compliant Zerio Plus system from Electro Detectors.

The Zerio Plus system was chosen because of the speed and ease of installation. The system provides cover for the ship and the surrounding site and is made up of a control panel with two radio booster panels to relay information around the system.  The Cutty Sark museum is due to open again in Spring 2012.

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