02Mar 2011
by Nick Potter

Zerio Wireless Fire Alarm System

Zerio Radio Fire Alarm System

The Safety Centre can supply the full range of Zerio Wireless Fire Alarm System equipment.  The Zerio Wireless Fire Alarm System can accommodate 8 zones and 99 wireless fire alarm devices.  This system has been specifically designed to be used for in smaller applications such as small retail units, shops and HMO’s.

In addition to the Zerio Fire Alarm Panel (EDA-Z1000) there is a range of devices available for this system including, optical smoke detectors, heat detectors, combined smoke detector sounders, combined heat detector sounders, call points, sounders, combined sounder beacons, interface units and silence buttons.  All these devices are totally wirefree and communicate with the main control panel via radio communications.

In buildings where some of the wireless devices do not have a suitable signal quality with the main control panel the zerio wireless fire alarm systems range also features a combined signal booster and sounder unit.  This unit relays the radio signals around the building and communicates with the wireless devices around the building.

Zero Wireless Fire Alarm System

For more information on this range of products please click the following link:-  Zerio Wireless Fire Alarm System