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Kentec KD2540015 Dual Power Output Supply

£291.72 £350.06
  • Manufacturer : Kentec
  • Part Code : KD2540015
  • Boxed Dual Power Output Supply
  • 5.25A

Kentec KD2540015 PSU

Dual Power Output Supply (Boxed) To match Syncro Styling: 5.25 Amp PSU, Max 26 A/H Battery, Surface

Syncro Power fully certified to EN54-4 power supplies provide a stable and fully regulated, true 24V output for fire alarm system applications under all power conditions.

The unique regulation techniques ensure that even when running on standby batteries, a stable 24V supply is available to all parts of the system ensuring that all 24V powered devices connected are supplied with optimum power.

The powerful onboard microcontroller ensures that all battery types are conditioned with optimum, temperature compensated charging algorythms to maximise battery life and maintain batteries in top condition.

Syncro Power EN54-4 compliant power supplies can be fitted with an optional dual fused output monitoring module to ensure compliance with European standards when supplying fire control panels with an external power supply. Enclosed units are available to match both Sigma and Syncro equipment ranges and all are finished with matching livery and provide power on and power fault indications.

Optional dual output path (KD) variant available, to provide two independent supply paths between the power supply unit and the control panel in accordance with EN54-4 clause 6.4 and BS5839 pt1, clause 12.2.2.m requirements.

Key Features

  • 5.25A version
  • Chassis only or enclosure mounted with battery space
  • 110V or 230V input
  • Regulated, true 24V output
  • Intelligent battery charging and temperature compensation
  • House up to 26Ah batteries
  • Status indicators for monitored faults
  • Dual output option for powering fire alarm control panels remotely
  • Chassis versions have same mounting points
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