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Notifier NFXI-VIEW High Sensitivity Analogue Addressable IR Smoke Detector

£199.95 £239.94
  • Manufacturer : Notifier by Honeywell
  • Part Code : NFXI-VIEW
  • High Sensitivity IR Smoke Detector
  • Intergal Isolator
  • Colour : Pure White
  • Requires B501AP Base Plate For Mounting

Notifier NFXI-VIEW High Sensitivity IR Smoke Detector

The Notifier NFXI-VIEW is a high sensitivity IR smoke detector for use on Notifier analogue addresable fire systems.

The Notifier NFXI-VIEW is the manufacturers suggested replacement for the obsolete FSL-751E View detector.

The Notifier View high sensitivity, high gain amplifier based intelligent smoke sensor is a unique offering from Notifier that provides extremely high sensitivity to fire conditions, by detecting the earliest particles of combustion.

This is achieved by combining a patented optical chamber with advanced high power output IR LED diode and precision optics technology, which is matched with a unique superior high gain IR receiver amplifier, enhancing the sensitivity of the device. The chamber is supported by sophisticated processing circuitry and microprocessors that feature smoothing-filter algorithms to help eliminate transient environmental noise conditions, and reduce nuisance alarms.

The advanced detection capabilities are combined with enhanced algorithms in the Notifier fire control panel. The result is a very sensitive but stable system that can achieve 0.06 to 6.41% / m obscuration sensitivity, providing up to 100 times more sensitivity than a standard photoelectric smoke sensor.

In addition, the light beam and algorithms, allow the system to differentiate between dust and smoke particles. Using these algorithms, the View system provides drift compensation, three levels of maintenance alert, selection of nine alarm levels and nine pre-alarm levels. The system includes a self-learn sensitivity adjustment to set  he prealarm level just above the peak levels sensed over extended periods for each sensor’s actual environment. Multiple sensor algorithms permit the control equipment to consider readings from up to six sensors in an area to provide faster detection of incipient fires.

Using a point type intelligent sensor, the View system inherently does not have transit times from sensing points to a detector, (a factor inherent in aspiration systems) delaying the sensing of a fire condition and since it does not rely on a single sensor for the room, no dilution can occur. A point sensor also enables the control panel to provide the operator with a pinpoint description of where the fire is located rather than a room alarm.

Notifier NFXI-VIEW High Sensitivity Analogue Addressable IR Smoke Detector Features

  • Extremely high sensitivity, high power output IR LED and high gain IR receiver amplifier based smoke sensor

  • Improved signal stability using the latest LED technology for professional applications

  • Redesigned smoke chamber to further reduce the risk of false alarms

  • 3-colour LED’s to locate alarms and speed up diagnostics and fault finding

  • Integrated and controlled isolators
  • Support for the latest OPAL protocol which offers superior performance and diagnostics capabilities

  • Full backward compatibility with existing systems

  • Rotary decade address switches


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