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Resideo CO2 Air Monitor - R2002C-A

£103.88 £124.66
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  • Manufacturer : Resideo
  • Part Code : R2002C-A
  • CO2 Monitor
  • Ideal For Homes or Commercial Buildings

Resideo CO2 Air Monitor

The R200C2-A CO2 sensor works to help keep your home or building protected from poor air quality and dangerous levels of carbon dioxide. Ideally, the alarm should be installed in every room containing a fuel-burning appliance, and in rooms where people like to spend time, such as the living room, bedrooms, school rooms, meeting rooms or play rooms. CO2 is slightly heavier than air, so the monitor can be wall mounted at eye level, or placed on a cabinet or table/desk.

Resideo CO2 Air Monitor Features

Clear LED reading

The R200C2-A features a clean, defined colour LED read out that tells you what the realtime ppm of CO2 is in the room. The status bar displayed is colour-coded green, amber and red, for convenient understanding at a glance.

Alert system

If high levels of carbon dioxide are detected, the ppm indicator will turn red, and a 75 dB voice alarm will sound to alert you to take immediate action to ventilate the room and seek fresh air.

Room temperature

Alongside the ppm reading, our alarm also tells you the temperature of the room, which is great for keeping children, pets and the elderly comfortable in both summer and winter.

Humidity detection

The R200C2-A measures the humidity levels of the room too, which helps you to keep everyone cool and comfortable in summer.

Beautiful design

At just 37mm thick, our CO2 alarm is modern, clean, and designed to fit in discreetly with your decor.

Key features

Comes with a number of helpful features, such as voice notifications, backup battery, and wall mounting or freestanding placement options.

Resideo CO2 Air Monitor Indicator Levels

With a red, yellow and green light indicator, and voice alarm, to keep you informed and protected.

Green - A green indicator means CO2 levels are safe, harmless, and under a healthy ≤1000 ppm limit. 

Amber - An Amber light is a warning sign, to flag when levels have reached between 1000 ppm - 1500 ppm. You should consider ventilating your home at this point, opening a window or door to allow fresh air in.

Red - When levels reach above 1500 ppm, the red colour alert will flash and the alarm will emit a 75 dB alarm sound. You should take immediate action to ventilate the room and everyone should access fresh air.

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