11Mar 2011
by Nick Potter

Aico EI141

Aico EI141 Smoke Detector

The Aico EI141 is part of the Aico Interconnectable Domestic Detector range.  This unit is an Ionsation type smoke detector.  Ionisation type detectors are more responsive to fast flaming fires including papers and clothing.  This unit features a proven long life ionisation sensor.

The Aico EI141 unit features the ‘Easyfit’ base which provides easy access to the connection terminals of the detector.  The detector is 230V mains powered and can be interconnected to activate all detectors in the event of a fire activation.  This unit features an Alkaline Battery Backup facility which ensures that the detector will remain operational in the event of a mains fail.

The Aico EI141 is certified to BS EN 14604:2005.  It is part of a broad range of domestic type detectors available from Aico including smoke detectors, heat detectors and also radio communication linked detectors.

Domestic Smoke Detectors

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