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Wireless Fire Alarm Systems & Equipment

A Wireless Fire Alarm System is ideal for fire alarms requiring a quick installation. These fire alarms require no cables installing between the panel and devices. This also means that the decoration within the building does not need to be affected during the installation process and there is minimal disruption to the working day.

Wireless Fire Alarm System

Buy Fire Alarm Equipment & Systems manufactured by Electro Detectors and Hyfire online from The Safety Centre

We supply a full range of Electro Detectors (EDA) Radio Fire Alarm System Equipment and Hyfire Hybrid Fire Alarms.

Radio fire alarm systems have been protecting buildings for over two decades, and with the vast improvement in radio technology in recent years, are now as reliable as wired fire alarms.

The Safety Centre are one of the UK 's leading distributors of radio fire alarm systems. Utilising Electro Detectors (EDA) equipment, any size or complexity of system can be supplied to suit all commercial and industrial applications.

The Electro Detector panels are designed to EN54 and to the current British Standards BS5839-1:2013

Our range includes: control panels, repeater panels, sounders, beacons and callpoints.

The Advantages of Radio Fire Alarm Systems:

• Quick & easy to install
• Minimal disruption to your business
• Operates off a battery – will still work in the event of a power outage
• Doesn’t require a wall outlet
• Prevents the eyesore of loads of cables
• Can be used as temporary fire systems on building sites and more
• It’s cost effective – saves you money on the system and the labour
• They’re reliable – each radio fire alarm system is tested to British & European standards
• Easy to modify the layout of the wireless fire alarms if your building changes

wireless fire alarm system

How Wireless Fire Alarms Work

Instead of using wires to send information over the system, a wireless fire alarm uses a radio signal which is transmitted from the call points or detectors to the control panel. You can identify the location of the fire due to each detector having its own unique address, the sounders will trigger when a fire is detected and your staff and customers can evacuate.

You don’t need any special training to work these wireless fire alarms – they work just the same as wired ones, if you spot a fire, you can break a call point to alert everyone inside of the building. The sounders go off if you break a call point.

Why You Should Buy Wireless Fire Alarms from The Safety Centre

There are plenty of companies that can supply you with a radio fire alarm system, however, here at The Safety Centre, we think our products and services are second to none. Offering you a low-price guarantee which includes a bulk discount scheme, this means the more you buy = the more you save; this scheme is ideal for larger organisations, our customers have saved a lot of money because they’ve bought all their fire equipment from us.

We stock everything you could need including the detectors, control panels, batteries, accessories, call points, actuator units, keys, base plates, communicators, antennas and plenty more from your favourite manufacturers including EDA, Hyfire, EMS, Apollo, Ziton, Notifier, Zeta and Rapidfire. You won’t need to search the internet for everything you need, it’s all right here for a great price!

The Safety Centre team prides themselves on their excellent customer service, we want to do everything we can for our customers – we’re not just looking to make a sale, we want to help every single customer who orders from us receive a high-quality and reliable product that meets their every requirement. Our team is on-hand to offer their expert advice!

If you’re a company outside of the UK looking for wireless fire alarms, we also offer international shipping!

Wireless Fire Detection

Doing everything you possibly can to prevent the effects of fire is crucial for your customers’ safety, employees’ peace of mind, your income and your premises. The most imperative thing is if you can prevent a fire from breaking out on your premises but it’s also vital to make sure that your building has the best wireless fire detection equipment possible. We stock an extensive range of fire safety equipment that covers a myriad of areas and includes alarms, detectors, extinguishers and safety signs. At the Safety Centre, we know that the correct wireless fire alarm, that is installed properly, can offer many benefits for a range of different businesses – both large and small. Businesses can benefit from the fast installation, portability and cost effectiveness that radio fire systems provide. The fast and easy installation of these systems means that their perfect for schools, offices, shops and more busy working environments.

If you’re a responsible business owner, you should recognise the importance of wireless fire detection and take the necessary measures to make sure the working environment is a safe place for employees, customers and anybody else who enters your premises. We stock various options and models for both commercial and industrial sectors, regardless of the size or complexity of your premises.

You may also be interested in our hard wired Fire Alarms and Fire Extinguishers range.

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