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Cig-Arrete Anti Smoking Alarm System

Cig-Arrête SD Evolution detectors are designed to detect tobacco smoke, a flame from a match or lighter—or both.

All products in the range also have battery-operated variants as well as stand-alone units. They can also be connected to an external power supply if required. They are all self-contained and do not require other external units to operate, with the exception of the combined sounder beacon. However, every product in the range can be connected to any other to form a system as shown above. For example, any type of detector can be connected to a combined sounder beacon, normally situated outside the toilet area.

Cig-Arrete Anti Smoking Alarm Systems

The Cig-Arrete Anti Smoking Alarm Systems are available as either a battery-powered or hard wired solution. Once activated the sounder has a selection of preset voice messages which warn the person smoking near to the alarm that the alarm has been activated. These Cig-Arette alarms are available in a variety of different versions depending on the situation in which they are to be used

New combination detectors: flame/smoke/motion

Through the remote controller the volume can be changed, the desired message selected and also the number of times the product will pay the message in alarm. In addition, the remote allows full control of the sensitivity settings for both the smoke and flame detector elements and also language selection.

If required, a combination detector containing 3 elements: smoke, flame and motion sensors can be purchased, so not only do you detect illicit smoking, but you can also request staff and patrons to wash hands, beware slippery floor, or alert visitors to special risks or CCTV operation in the event of drugs misuse in nightclubs.

All Cig-Arrête SD Evolution products are available in a standard format for hard wired installation, or in a wireless version that can communicate alarm signals up to 10 metres away. This is an ideal solution for washrooms where an external indicating device is required to alert staff.

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