16Jul 2012
by The Safety Centre

Apollo 55100-940 Intrinsically Safe Call Point – XP95 Addressable Protocol

Apollo 55100-940 Intrinsically Safe Call Point

The Apollo 55100-940 is an Intrinsically Safe Call Point that uses the Apollo XP95 Analogue Addressable protocol.  This break glass is IP67 rated which means it is waterproof and is suitable for external use.

Apollo 55100-940 XP95 Intrinsically Safe Call Point

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What Does Intriniscally Safe Mean?

The Apollo 55100-940 Call Point is an Intrinsically Safe device.  This means that is suitable for use in areas with an increased explosive risk.  Intrinsically Safe devices are specially designed to work on a much lower voltage than ordinary fire alarm equipment.  This means that the chances of a spark coming from the device is much lower.  Intrinsically Safe devices are typically used in buildings like Oil Rigs, Oil Refinerys, Paint Stores etc.

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