30Oct 2012
by Nick Potter

C-Tec XFP508X Hush Button For HMO Buildings

The C-Tec XFP508X is a BS5839 part 6 compliant device ideal for use in HMO buildings.  This device is designed for use on Apollo XP95 & Discovery protocol fire alarm system loops.  The C-Tec XFP508X is an award winning product from C-Tec who continue to produce innovative fire alarm system products.
C-Tec XFP508X Hush Button


The C-Tec XFP508X is designed to be installed within dwelling in a HMO building.  It is designed to reduce false alarms and unwanted building evacuations.  The hush button can be used to silence the alarms within a dwelling in the event of a false alarm occuring.  The hush button unit provides a two minute silence facility of the alarms within the dwelling before the entire system is activated if the alarm signal is still present.

The C-Tec XFP508X is compliant to both BS5839 part 1 and part 6.  This unit is also available in a Hochiki ESP protocol version.

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