07Oct 2014
by Nick Potter

Call Point Covers Are The Ideal Solution For Fabric Nightclub

Fabric Nightclub London Call Point Covers
The Safety Centre have recently supplied the world famous Fabric Nightclub in London with Fire Alarm Call Point Covers.  These products are ideal for Nightclubs as they help to prevent accidental false alarms on fire alarm system call points / break glass units.

Call Point Covers

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Accidental false alarms on fire alarm systems in Nightclubs not only spoil enjoyment of the night for partygoers as the building would need to be evacuated.  It will also reduce in lost revenue for the nightclub itself, as when the clubbers are waiting patiently outside for the club to re-open, they aren’t spending money within the club itself.

Fire Alarm Call Point Covers Range

The Safety Centre’s product portfolio features call point covers suitable for 99% of the call points installed within UK buildings today.  Many are extremely easy to fit by simply clipping onto the outside of the existing call point.  We feature call point covers for many of the fire industries leading manufacturers, such as KAC, Gent, Notifier, Protec, Ziton, Apollo, EMS, Electro Detectors, Morley, System Sensor and many more.

Alarmed Fire Alarm Call Point Covers Range

To further help eliminate false alarms on fire alarm call points, we also have specialist alarmed call point covers.  These are designed to not only help prevent accidental false alarms, but also malicious false alarms.  These covers are designed to emit a powerful siren when the cover is lifted to gain access to the fire alarm system call point / break glass unit.  These units are manufactured by STI Europe, who are the worlds leading manufacturer of alarmed call point covers.

If you’re interested in these products you may also be interested in our Defibrillators and Fire Sand ranges. If you would like more information then please contact us.

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