16Jul 2012
by Nick Potter

Door Magnet

Door Magnet Range

In modern buildings many doors are held open during normal day to day operating using a door magnet unit.  These units are typically 24V dc units, although there are other versions available. 

Door Magnet

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These door magnet devices are designed to release the door from it’s held open position once the fire alarm system has been activated.  Typically this is achieved by using a relay / interface unit on the fire alarm system that interupts the power supply to the magnet.  The result of this causes the magnet to release and the door to close using an overhead door closer.

The Safety Centre also features specialist door magnet power supply units, which have been specifically designed for the purpose of powering hold open door magnet devices.  We can supply a 250mA and a 2A door magnet power supply unit.

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