10Jul 2012
by Nick Potter

DRW-L Door Closer From Cranford Controls

DRW-L Door Magnet From Cranford Controls

The DRW-L is a 24V dc Wall Mounted Door Closer / Detent.  This unit is designed for use in buildings where fire doors are required to be held open during the normal working environment, yet are needed to close upon the activation of the fire alarm system.

DRW-L Door Closer

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The DRW-L Door Closer is designed to be interlinked to a fire alarm system.  This can be done using a 24V power supply and a fire alarm relay / interface.  The principle behind this is that the door closer will have 24V DC applied to it during normal operation, yet upon the activation of the fire alarm system, the relay will interrupt the 24V supply to the magnet.  This will then release the magnet and allow the door to close via an overhead door closer.

The DRW-L Door Closer also features a test / release button on top of the housing which allows the door to be released without the fire alarm system being activated.

The DRW-L Door Closer comes supplied with a door magnet keeper plate.  The keeper plate has a ball joint which allows it to be adjusted to the angle required to make contact with the door magnet.