03Dec 2012
by Nick Potter

Electro Detectors EDA-Q660 Wireless Fire Alarm Battery

The EDA-Q660 is a wireless fire alarm battery manufactured by Electro Detectors.  This battery assembly is designed for use with the Electro Detectors Millennium and Zerio wireless fire alarm stand alone detectors.  This battery assemlby comes complete and is very easy to install in the detector.
Electro Detectors EDA-Q660


This battery assembly is part of the range of Electro Detectors batteries.  This range includes the following:-

  • EDA-Q660
  • EDA-Q670
  • EDA-Q690
  • EDA-Q620
  • EDA-Q630
  • EDA-Q640

These batteries are all lithium type batteries and have an extremely impressive expected lifespan of upto 7 years. 

If you’re interested in the Electro Detectors EDA-Q660 you may also be interested in our Zerio Plus Fire Alarm System and Hyfire Fire Alarm System ranges.