11Feb 2021
by Nick Potter

EMS SmartCell Wireless Fire Alarm System Range Launch

EMS have announced the launch of their exciting new SmartCell Wireless Fire Alarm System range.

SmartCell has been designed as a complete wireless fire detection system to protect people and property. The system incorporates separate information zones which allow input devices to be configured in multiple configurations, providing maximum flexibility to the user and designer. In the event of an alarm, the system detects the alarm condition, raises the alarm, and also indicates the location of the fire via zone text and indication along with an individual device text description. The system also supports remote connectivity for alarm routing and remote services.

EMS SmartCell Wireless Fire Alarm System

EMS SmartCell Wireless Fire Alarm System Features & Benifits

  • Activate other building systems
  • Raise alarms locally via sounders
  • Raise alarms remotely via integrated or external communication modules
  • Call the fire and rescue service
  • Raise information alert events from wireless input devices

Full range of peripheral wireless devices available including:-

  • Manual Call Points
  • Sounders, with or without Beacons
  • Dual Smoke and Heat Detectors with or without Combined Sounders and Beacons
  • Dual Input/Output Devices

EMS SmartCell Wireless Fire Alarm System Overview

A SmartCell system can support up to 64 wireless devices with a maximum of 32 wireless fire detection devices.

Control panels are available in 24V and 230V AC versions.

Communication between Devices and the Control Panel is bidirectional and operates in the European harmonised 868 MHz frequency band.

The Control Panel allows full Cause and Effect programming with two on-board relay outputs available. A communications module may also be fitted allowing remote configuration, plus text and email notifications. Alternatively information can be passed directly to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Additional equipment may be required.

All SmartCell wireless devices, including sounders are battery powered and do not need to be included in the loop loading calculations.

Information devices can also be added to the system. When triggered, information devices generate information alerts at the EMS SmartCell Control Panel.

Upon an information alert event, details will be displayed on the control Panel’s OLED display and the Control Panel’s buzzer will sound.  The SmartCell control panel can also trigger SmartCell wireless information sounders and/or notify the user via text or email notification.

Typical applications include the monitoring of doors (opening/closing), a loss of power to your fridge, flood detection and an alarm condition on your intruder system.

With significant time saving against conventional and addressable fire system installations, no cables, no mess and no inconvenience to everyday business, SmartCell is perfect for all small to medium sized businesses.

For more information on this product range please click the following link EMS SmartCell Wireless Fire Alarm System