06Jun 2019
by Nick Potter

End of Life Notice For Gent 34000 Series Devices

End of Life Notice For Gent 34000 Series Devices

The Gent 34000 series of sensors and devices are a huge part of Gent, they have been on the market since 1995 and belong to our history and legacy. They have sat proudly in their product range alongside S-Quad since 2005, which have allowed us to support a large legacy installation base.

Gent have, in recent years, found it increasingly difficult to source the correct components for this ageing device range and it has now come to the stage where they are unable to continue to manufacture them.  They are therefore providing customers with notice to place any last time orders before 15th August 2019 in order to maintain any existing sites that may require ongoing support.  No further orders for the Gent 34000 range will be possible after this date.

Honeywell Gent have always tried to make it simple for customers to support and upgrade existing sites, they have recently made it even easier to replace the 34000 detectors with S-Quad by using their specially designed S-Quad Adapter Base (S4-700-34k).

They are also aware that there may be a small number of sites that have not yet been upgraded to support S-Quad and that may require either a panel or software upgrade, in order to support our current range of, S-Quad detectors.

Please See Our Gent Fire Alarm System equipment ranges if you’re interested in these products.