25Jul 2012
by The Safety Centre

Fire Alarms Online

According to the government website, communities.gov.uk, between April 2011 and March 2012, the Fire and Rescue Services attended no less than 223,000 fires in England alone. These fires accounted for 304 deaths and a staggering 4,277 injuries. Of these, 35,000 were fires in the home and 20,000 were fires in other buildings, including workplaces just like yours.
While a fire in the home can be devastating for a family, a serious fire in the workplace can affect many, many more people. A significant fire that destroys equipment, stock, records or premises can often lead to the closure of the company concerned, either for a protracted period, or in the current economic climate, closure for good, leaving dozens, or even hundreds or people out of work.

Yet fires in the workplace can easily be managed with the latest fire alarm systems from The Safety Centre. Our state of the art fire alarms will detect smoke and fire quickly and alert the local Fire and Rescue Services directly, so that they can respond immediately and get the fire under control before it spreads. Fire alarm systems remain vigilant around the clock, watching over and protecting your premises all day when you and your workforce are there, and all night when you’re not, with the direct line always available to bring help when it’s needed.

So don’t let your business become part of next year’s government fire statistics, or worse, let one of your workforce join the casualty list. Talk to The Safety Centre today about how our fire alarm systems can help you to protect your premises and keep your company and its people safe 24 hours a day.