14May 2013
by Nick Potter

Fire-Cryer Plus Voice Sounder Range Now Available

The Safety Centre are pleased to announce the arrival of the Fire-Cryer Plus range of Voice Sounders to our product portfolio.  These units are availavle in a variety of colour and mounting options and are ideal for use on fire alarm systems.  For more information on Fire-Cryer Plus Voice Sounders call us NOW on 01200 428 410.
Fire-Cryer Plus Voice Sounders

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The Fire-Cryer Plus unit is designed to give a voice evacuation message on activation of the fire alarm system.

Wall Mounted Fire-Cryer Plus Voice Sounders

The standard Fire-Cryer Plus Voice Alarm unit is available both in red and white colours.  It is also available with a selection of backboxes which can be used depending on where the unit is to be installed.  The device is available with a shallow base which is ideal for internal use and also where the cables are to be terminated into the sounder using rear entry into the backbox.

It is also available in a version with a deep back box.  This backbox provides an ingress protection of IP66.  This means that the unit is suitable for use in external positions and also areas where high levels of moisture may be present in the environment.  The deep back box is also ideal for surface installation where the cables need to enter the unit via the side or top of the backbox.

Fire-Cryer Plus Voice Sounder & Beacon Units

Along with the standard wall mounted Fire-Cryer Plus Voice Sounders there is also a combined voice alarm and flashing beacon unit available.  The advantage of this device is that it provides an audible and visual signal that the fire alarm system has been activated.  This may be ideal in areas where there is a high level of ambient noise or in public areas where the fire alarm system may need to comply with DDA regulations.

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