21May 2013
by The Safety Centre

Fire Extinguisher Training In Lancashire

If you’re in need of fire safety and fire extinguisher training, The Safety Centre is available to organise these services. We can provide comprehensive training courses on the safe use of Fire Extinguishers and give your staff guidance on which extinguishers should be used and in which circumstances. For more information on Fire Extinguisher Training In Lancashire please contact us.
Fire Extinguisher Training In Lancashire

Fire Marshall Training On Extinguishers In Lancashire

The training courses arranged by The Safety Centre can be tailored for people who have been given the responsibility of being a fire marshall of organisations within Lancashire.  These courses have been specifically tailored for the personnel in fire marshall roles.  On attending fire extinguisher training courses organised by The Safety Centre, each participant will be issued a certificate on successfully completing the course.

In addition to training on the safe and effective use of fire extinguishers, we can also supply fire extinguishers to locations throughout the UK.

Supply Of Fire Extinguishers Throughout Nationwide

The Safety Centre stock a wide variety of fire extinguishers including water, foam, powder, CO2 and wet chemical type extinguishers.  Our products are CE and BSI Kitemarked which gives the peace of mind that they are quality products ideal for use within the UK.

If you’re interested in these services you may also be interested in our Water fire Extinguishers and CO2 Fire Extinguishers ranges.

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