23May 2013
by Nick Potter

Fulleon Roshni Sounder Range Available Online

The Safety Centre are pleased to introduce the Fulleon Roshni Sounder range. These sounders are ideal for use on fire systems and provide a reliable high performance siren to alert the occupants of a building that the fire alarm system has been activated. For more information on Fulleon Roshni Sounders call us today on 01200 428 410.
Fulleon Roshni Sounder

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The Fulleon Roshni Sounder range is available to buy online from The Safety Centre in a variety of different options. These options are available so that you can choose a suitable siren to suit your installation.

Red Fulleon Roshni Sounders

We have the traditional red Fulleon Roshni Sounder available. This sounder is ideal for use on conventional type fire alarm systems or on the 24V DC sounder circuits of an analogue addressable fire alarm system. The red colour means that it is easily identified as being part of the fire alarm system. These units are available with a selection of base options which include a shallow base ideal for flush mounted installation and deep bases which are ideal for surface mounted installs.

White Fulleon Roshni Sounder Range

For installations where the fire system equipment needs to blend into the decor of a building the white Fulleon Roshni Sounder is an ideal device. This device features an attractive pure white colour which is ideal for modern building where a red unit may interfere with the interiors. Again the white version is available with a variety of mounting options including shallow, deep and u-type backboxes.

Weatherproof Fulleon Roshni Sounders

In areas where a sounder is to be mounted externally and waterproof devices need to be installed the Fulleon Roshni Sounder can easily provide this feature. By simply using the standard version sounder with a deep base an ingress protection rating of IP65 can be acheived.  this means that it can then be used externally or in any areas where a high level of moisture is present in the environment.

Combined Fulleon Roshni Sounder & Beacons

In buildings where provision needs to be made to give a visual indication aswell as an audible signal that the fire alarm has been activated, the Combined Fulleon Roshni Sounder Beacon range units are an ideal choice. These devices provide an electronic siren and flashing beacon in a single unit. The reduces the need to install two seperate sounder and beacon units. This will cut down on the amount of equipment mounted on a wall and also cut down on the installation time and cost as a single device is required instead of two.

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