28Apr 2011
by The Safety Centre

Fulleon Roshni Sounder

Fulleon ROLP Sounders

The Fulleon Roshni Sounder has been a leading electronic sounder for many years for use in the fire alarm industry.  This sounder is a conventional type wall mounted fire alarm sounder which is perfect for use on conventional fire alarm systems.

The Fulleon Roshni Sounder has a low current consumption at typically only 16mA (using tone 3) and has 32 selectable tones available as standard.  The unit is certified to LPCB and VdS and is designed to be used on 9 – 28V dc circuits.

The Fulleon Roshni Sounder has an sound output level rating of 102 dBa @ 1m and comes in red and white variants.

Fulleon Roshni

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