26Feb 2015
by Nick Potter

Geofire Doormouse Fire Door Holder Range Now Available

The Safety Centre is pleased to introduce the range of Geofire Doormouse Door Holders to our online shop. These are ideal for use on fire doors within buildings and can be configured to release the doors when the fire alarm system has been activated. For more information on the Geofire Doormouse Door Holders range call us NOW on 01200 428 410 or use the Livechat facility below.
Geofire Doormouse Door Holder

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Geofire Doormouse Door Holder Range In 24V DC & 230V AC Versions

The Geofire range of professional door holder units includes the following variants:-

  • Geofire 3-87-0370 24V DC Door Holder With 200N Holding Force
  • Geofire 3-87-0371 230V AC Door Holder With 200N Holding Force
  • Geofire 3-87-0351 UL 24V DC Door Holder With 200N Holding Force
  • Geofire 3-87-0352 UL 230V AC Door Holder With 200N Holding Force
  • Geofire 3-87-0551 24V DC Door Holder With 500N Holding Force

Each door holder has an integral manual release button which allows an operative to release the door from the hold open position. They are also supplied with an adjustable keeper plate for easy installation.

Geofire Doormouse Door Holder Accessories

In addition to the door holders themselves the following accessories are also available:-

  • Geofire 2-34-035G-S001 Doormouse Floor Mounting Bracket
  • Geofire 2-31-0308-Z082 1m Chain With Keeper Plate
  • Geofire 2-31-0307-N237 Low Profile Keeper Plate 200N
  • Geofire 2-31-0310-U005 Adjustable Keeper Plate 200N
  • Geofire 2-31-0507-Z001 Adjustable Keeper Plate 500N
  • Geofire 2-31-0507-Z011 Low Profile Keeper Plate 500N

If you’re interested in these products you may also be interested in our 24V Door Holder and Briton 996 ranges.

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