05Aug 2013
by Nick Potter

Hand Sirens Manufactured By Klaxon Signals

In addition to the specialist electronic sounders and beacons manufactured by Klaxon Signals there is also a selection of manually operated hand sirens available. These sirens are designed for use in wide open areas and are supplied mounted on a stand. They require no external power source as they are entirely manually operated.
Hand Sirens

Klaxon Hand Sirens

Klaxon SLF-0001 Light Weight Hand Sirens

The Klaxon SLF-0001 is a light weight portable hand siren. This device is ideal for large open areas such as mines or quarries and is extremely portable. It can be easily transported quickly from location to location depending on where a alarm signal needs to be made.  It has two tone signals which can be used.

Klaxon SLF-0003 Heavy Duty Hand Sirens

If a more robust unit that the SLF-0001 unit is required then the Klaxon SLF-0003 can be used. This is an extremely sturdy device supplied with a strong metal stand. It is capable of providing 3 tone signals and can give a sound output of upto 120 dBA at 1 metre.

Hand Operated Bell Sirens

If you don’t need a siren quite as big as the above units we also have a range of hand operated bells available.  These bells are designed to be wall mounted and are extremely easy to install.  They are typically used on campsites or marinas to provide an easy means of raising an alarm out in the open.

If you’re interested in these products you may also be interested in our Klaxon Terrier and Evacuator Temporary Fire Alarm Systems ranges. If you would like more information then please contact us.

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