18Apr 2013
by Nick Potter

High Quality Fire Alarm Cables from The Safety Centre

Whilst there are many important features that contribute to the overall quality of a fire alarm system as well as factors including location and suitability for the environment, one of the single most important parts of the system is the fire alarm cable.
Fire Alarm Cable

At The Safety Centre we have a range of fire alarm cables available for various temperatures in different price ranges to adhere with a wide range of needs and budgets. Furthermore, having supplied fire alarm cables to various airports for the redevelopment of one of their terminals, we have all the knowledge and experience needed to ensure you get the best product for you.

LPCB Approved Fire Alarm Cables

Each fire alarm cable that we offer is LPCB approved to meet with all the latest laws and regulations. This includes the Kidde Alarmline Digital Linear Heat, which is at the top end of the range. Available in 100m increments to aid flexibility and usability for a wide range of environments, the Linear Heat has been designed to provide fire activation between temperatures of 79 and 95 degrees celsius.

Made with temperature-sensitive insulation which is protected by a special braid, fluor polymer and a PVC outer sheath to make sure it meets particular application requirements, this fire alarm cable offers early detection of fire or overheated conditions by sensing changes in the temperature of localised areas.

This means the fire alarm cable is suitable for both limited and harsh areas where adverse ambient conditions cause other detection devices to be unpredictable or tricky to use. Such areas include escalators, tunnels and cable tunnels, moving walkways, floor and ceiling voids, conveyor belts and storage racks.

Find out more about our Fire Alarm Cables

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