22Feb 2011
by Nick Potter

Hochiki Detector Range – Conventional

Hochiki Detector Range – Conventional

The Safety Centre can announce that they have added the Hochiki Conventional Detector range to their product portfolio.  The Hochiki Detector range has a reputation for being a high quality stable product within the fire alarm industry.  This conventional Hochiki Detector range features an Optical Smoke Detector, 5 different types of heat detectors and peripheral bases.

The Hochiki Detector range also features a unique waterproof heat detector which is ideal for applications where water and moisture is present.

The Hochiki Detector range is aesthetically pleasing with all the units and bases being low profile.  The detectors feature twin LEDs which enable 360 degree viewing to establish whether a detector has gone into fire state.

For More Information On This Range of Equipment Please Click The Following Link:- Hochiki Detector