26Jul 2013
by Nick Potter

How Do You Test Heat Detectors? The Safety Centre Have The Answer!

Testing fire alarm system smoke detectors is relatively easy. This can be done by using the hand held smoke cannisters or aerosol dispensers. The testing of heat detectors can be a bit trickier. At The Safety Centre we have devices available specifically designed for testing heat detectors on fire alarm systems. These devices when used along with smoke test poles can reach even the hardest to reach heat detectors.
Heat Detector Testing

Heat Detector Testers

The No Climb Solo range of fire alarm system testing equipment includes devices specifically for testing fire alarm system heat detectors.

Here are descriptions of the products available;

No Climb Solo 460-001 & 461-001 Cordless Heat Detector Tester

The Solo 460-001 is a cordless heat detector tester which is compatible with the No Climb Solo range of smoke poles. This unit is cordless and does not require a mains cable connected to it like some of the other heat detector testers. It is powered by a baton battery pack which can be recharged with the specialist recharger unit supplied with tester unit when ordered as the Solo 461-001 cordless heat detector test kit.

No Climb Solo 424-001 Mains Powered Heat Detector Tester

The Solo 424-001 is also compatible with the range of No Climb Solo test poles. However this device is a mains powered version which includes a mains cable to the test unit. This is suitable for testing both fixed point and rate of rise type heat detectors.

No Climb Solo Fire Alarm Test Kit With Heat Detector Testers

In addition to the above test units, there are also test kits available which include heat detector testers. These Fire Alarm Testing Kits with heat detector testers have the following part numbers; Solo 814-001, Solo 822-001 and Solo 823-001.

If you’re interested in these products you may also be interested in our Fire Alarm Testing Equipment and Call Point Test Keys ranges. If you would like more information then please contact us.


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