27Feb 2013
by Nick Potter

KAC PS200 Call Point Cover – Hinged Plastic

The KAC PS200 Call Point Cover is an ideal product to help reduce accidental false alarms on break glass units.  They are easy to install as they simply click onto the side of the KAC break glass units.  The KAC PS200 is made from a robust polycarbonate plastic which is strong enough to withstand most accidental impacts.  For more information on these KAC break glass covers call us NOW on 01200 428 410.
KAC PS200 Call Point Cover


The KAC PS200 Call Point Cover is suitable for use on many fire alarm systems installed in the UK as KAC manufacture call points for most of the largest fire alarm system equipment manufacturers operating in the United Kingdom today.  In addition to these devices KAC also manufacture a variety of break glass units, sounder and beacons.  These products are suitable for use on conventional type fire alarm systems and feature the high quality KAC manufacturing quality.

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