12Jun 2013
by Nick Potter

Morley IAS Dimension Fire Detection Alarm System Range

The Safety Centre are pleased to introduce the new Morley Dimension Fire Detection Alarm System range. This selection of panels are available in a variety of loop sizes and are designed for use witn analogue addressable loop devices.
Fire Detection Alarm System

Morley Fire Detection Alarm System Range

This range of control panels are available in several versions depending on the sites requirements. They begin with a single loop version with the largest version being 4 loops. Please find below a list of the panel variants available:-

  • 714-001-111 Morley DXc1 Dimension Single Loop Panel
  • 714-001-221 Morley DXc2 Dimension Two Loop Panel
  • 714-001-241 Morley DXc4 Dimension Four Loop Panel

This range is networkable and also compatible with the Morley range of repeater panels, including an active and passive version. Morley Dimension Fire Detection Alarm System panels are compatible with System Sensor, Hochiki and Apollo analogue addressable loop protocols.

Fire Detection Alarm System Products

In addition to the Morley range of products, we also have items available from some of the worlds largest manufacturers of Fire Detection Alarm System products. These products are ideal to help pretect people and property throughout the UK and also worldwide. Our product range features equipment from prestigious equipment manufacturers such as Gent, Notifier, Apollo, Yuasa and Electro Detectors. System from these manufacturers are currently protecting some of the worlds most important buildings. Examples of these buildings are Fort Knox, The Statue of Liberty, Windsor Castle, and many more.

An active fire alarm system is designed to provide an early warning of any fire that may occur in a building, and ensure that the building can be evacuated safely and fire authorities can be contacted. They can also be connected automatically to a central monitoring station, so that when the alarm system is activated the fire brigade is automatically called to come to the site of the building. This will ensure that the fire brigade response time is as quick as possible and therefore any fire is tackled quickly.

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