02Aug 2012
by Nick Potter

New Notifier Opal Beam Detectors Released

New Notifier Opal Beam Detector

Notifier have announced the release of a new Notifier OPAL Loop Powered Beam Detector.

Notifier NFXI-BEAM Beam Detector

The NFXI-BEAM & NFXI-BEAM-T Opal addressable beam detectors are intelligent reflective type linear optical beam smoke detectors designed to operate with Notifier addressable fire alarm systems. It works on the principle of light obscuration utilising infra-red light.

Beam Detectors are ideal for covering large open areas of buildings and can save installation times and costs.  They are designed to be installed at high levels and can cover an area upto 15 metres in width.

For a short guide to the positioning of beam detectors please click the following link:-

Beam Detector Installation Guide

One major advantage of beam detectors is that they can be located a much greater heights than standard point detectors.  The maximum mointing height of a point detector is 10.5 metres where as BS5839 recommends that beam detectors can be mounted up to a height of 25 metres.  Another advantage of a beam detector is that one beam detector can provide automatic fire detection for an area which would require several standard point detectors, which means that using beam detectors can be much more cost effective than using standard point detectors.

Typical applications in which beam detectors may be used to provide detection are as follows:-

  • Factories
  • Airports
  • Churches
  • plus many more

Features of The Notifier NFXI-BEAM

  • 5 – 100m operating range, designed for the protection of buildings such as shopping centres, heritage buildings, warehouses and other structures with large open spaces
  • Easy set-up and calibration with visual aids for both coarse and fine adjustment
  • Loop powered with built in isolation for system mapping
  • Utilizes the advanced Opal digital protocol whilst remaining backward compatible with existing Notifier systems
  • The NFXI-BEAM-T Beam Detector features a unique remote test capability that fully tests both the optics and the electronics of the device. This means there’s no need to hire a platform to give high level access to the device in testing.
  • Two automatically variable sensitivity modes compensate for short term environmental changes
  • Automatic drift compensation compensates for long term sensitivity changes caused by environmental factors
  • Four fixed sensitivity levels

Opal beam detectors are combined transmitter/receiver units, which can be directly connected to a Notifier Opal protocol addressable loop. The NFXI-BEAM is entirely loop powered without the need of a separate local power supply. The unique servo test feature of the NFXI-BEAM-T requires 24Vdc @ 0.5A.

The Infra-Red transmitter generates a beam of light towards a high efficiency reflector. The reflector returns the beam to the receiver where an analysis of the received signal is made. The change in the strength of the received signal is used to determine the alarm condition.

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