24Jul 2013
by Nick Potter

New Stand Alone Notifier FAAST Smoke Aspiration System Now Available

To complement the existing range of loop interfacing FAAST LT units we are pleased to introduce a new range of stand-alone Notifier FAAST LT units. The range includes a single channel unit, dual channel and single channel twin detector models. The new Notifier FAAST LT units have no built-in loop protocol and are supplied with relays so they can be used with any fire system, including those using third party detectors.

Notifier FAAST Smoke Aspiration System

Notifier FAAST Aspiration System With Modbus Functionality As Standard

The FAAST detector now comes equipped with direct Modbus connectivity. Integrating the Modbus/TCP protocol within FAAST compliments the existing LAN/WAN TCP/IP connectivity. FAAST Modbus connectivity is provided via the device’s onboard Ethernet connection, which simultaneously provides direct Internet connectivity and email functionality.

Notifier FAAST Smoke Aspiration Systems Added To Notifier’s Impressive Range

This new FAAST device is a welcome addition to the Notifier Fire Systems impressive range of fire safety products.  The Notifier range includes both conventional and analogue addressable fire alarm system control panels.  To compliment these ranges of panels are full arrays of detectors, call points, sounder, beacon and interfaces which can be used to create comprehensive fire alarm system to cover almost any type of buiulding.

If you’re interested in these products you may also be interested in the Briton 996 Door Closer range. If you would like more information then please contact us.

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