15Apr 2013
by The Safety Centre

No Climb Solo 809-001 Smoke Detector Testing Starter Pack

The No Climb Solo 809-001 is an ideal entry level pack for fire safety professionals. This pack allows the user to perform tests on ionisation and optical smoke detectors upto 6 metres in height.  The Solo 809-001 kit includes a fibre glass extension pole, aerosol dispenser and a 250ml can of test gas.
Solo 809-001 Smoke Detector Testing Starter Pack

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In addition to the Solo 809-001 Smoke Detector Tester Starter Pack No Climb also manufacturer a selection of other testing packs which allow testing of different type of detectors at a variety of access heights.

No Climb Solo Heat Detector Testers

No Climb Solo also manufacture different heat detector testers which allow the testing of different types of thermal detectors. These are available in a mains powered wired version and also a cordless version which comes complete with a battery charger. These tester kits are required to test a fire alarm system with heat detectors to the requirements of BS5839.

If you’re interested in these products you may also be interested in our Solo A3-001 Test Spray and our Apollo 55000-600 detectors.

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