25Jun 2012
by Nick Potter

No Climb Solo 823-001 Detector Testing Kit

No Climb Solo 823-001 Detector Testing Kit

The No Climb Solo 823-001 Detector Testing kit is a full testing kit which enables the user to test both smoke detectors and heat detectors and is part of The Safety Centre’s Fire Alarm Testing Equipment range.  This kit allows the testing and removal of detectors upto a height of 9 metres.  This is possible as the Solo 823-001 kit comes with a telescopic extension pole and 3 No. extension poles that when combined together allow a reach of upto 9 metres.


This kit also comes complete with a specialist head removal tool which is adjustable to allow the removal of different sized detector heads and has weights which allow the head removal tool to be stable at height.

Solo 330-001 Aerosol Dispenser

The kit also includes an aerosol dispenser which is used to test smoke detectors using a specialist aerosol.  This testing dispenser is suitable for use with both optical smoke detectors and ionisation smoke detectors.

The Solo 823-001 Detector Testing Kit is also supplied with a cordless heat detector testing tool.  This is completely battery powered and is ideal for testing heat detectors on fire alarm systems.  The kit includes 2 No. battery batons and a charger unit, which can be plugged into the mains or into a cars cigarette lighter socket.

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