12Feb 2016
by The Safety Centre

Notifier Fire Alarm System Commissioning Service

Notifier analogue addressable fire alarm system equipment needs to be commissioned by a Notifier trained engineer.  We can provide this service.
If you are interested in our Notifier Commissioning Engineer Service please send us an email to sales@thesafetycentre.co.uk with the town in which the project is located along with the number of devices requiring commissioning.  We can then forward a cost for the commissioning of the required equipment.

In order to provide an accurate costing we would need the following information:-

  • Town / City of the project
  • Number Of Devices Requiring Commissioning
  • Type Of Panel If Its An Addition To An Existing System
  • Time Of Day Required For The Commissioning i.e. During Normal Work Hours or Out Of Hours / Weekends etc.

Ensuring that the equipment is commissioned by a Notifier trained engineer will maintain that the manufacturers warranty is not invalidated.