04Jul 2012
by The Safety Centre

Odyssey PC925 Battery

Odyssey PC925 Battery

The Odyssey PC925 Battery is a specialist automotive battery reknowned for its high quality and robust design.

Odyssey PC925 Battery

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The Odyssey PC925 Battery has an extremely high cranking output at upto 925 cranking amps for 5 seconds.  These batteries are used in many high performance vehicles where high performance and reliability is required.  Examples of where these units are used are in Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Mercedes Sports Cars and Rally Cars.

The Odyssey PC925 Battery is part of the Odyssey Batteries range manufactured by Enersys.  Enersys are one of the worlds largest battery manufacturers.  They produce batteries for a wide variety of markets including automotive, standby power and UPS batteries.

In addition to the Odyssey Battery range we also have the Enersys Sealed Lead Acid Battery range available.

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