26Mar 2013
by Nick Potter

Safeguard against Electric Fires with Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are one of the greatest and best cost-effective defences against property damage from a fire. In the right hands, fire extinguishers save lives and minimises damage to properties; putting out smalls fires effectively until the fire brigade arrives.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

Co2 Fire Extinguishers – Ideal for Offices

In today’s world, buildings are full to the brim with electrical devices whether it’s computers, printers, routers, televisions and many other electrical items that aid the running of businesses. With that in mind, these buildings are certain to benefit from fire extinguishers that are especially equipped to deal with electrical fires – carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are perfect.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers contain pressurised liquid which changes into gas once it’s expelled and because they don’t leave any residue, they’re ideal for dealing with sensitive electronic equipment. At the Safety Centre we have two Co2 fire extinguishers to choose from, both equally adept at providing everything needed for controlling fires in office environments.    

The Thomas Glover 2kg Co2 Fire Extinguisher, which is BS EN 3 approved and has a fire rating of 34B, is designed to release powder steadily over flames to ensure the temperature of the burning material is lowered below the point of ignition. Furthermore, because it can be used on category B & Electrical fires, it’s adept at dealing with flammable liquids including petrol and oils too.

The Thomas Glover 5kg Co2 Fire Extinguisher is larger in capacity making it perfect for larger spaces such as a whole floor. It works in much the same way as the 2kg model though with a fire rating of 70B, it can deal with much larger fires, while it has an additional handle for ease of use.

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