19Mar 2013
by The Safety Centre

Stainless Steel Fire Action Signage From Jalite

The Safety Centre are please to announce the addition of the Jalite Stainless Steel Fire Action Signs to our product portfolio. These signs are ideal for use in aesthetically sensitive areas where the look of a sign is important. These signs are available in 3 different styles.
Stainless Steel Fire Action Sign

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In addition to the Stainless Steel Fire Action Sign we can also supply the full range of Jalite Safety Signage. Many of these signs are available in a photoluminescent / glow in the dark material.  This material is ideal as it allows the sign to glow in the event of a lighting failure. This means that the signage is still visible even in pitch black conditions.

Jalite Stainless Steel Fire Action Signs

Jalite are one of the largest manufacturers of safety signage in the UK. Many of their products are specified for use within buildings in the United Kingdom, in correspondence with HSE law.

If you’re interested in these products you may also be interested in our Fire Alarm Bells and Fire Alarm Call Point ranges.

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