16Aug 2012
by Nick Potter

STI6200 Fire Extinguisher Theft Stopper


The STI6200 is a specialist fire extinguisher theft alarm.  This unit is easy to install and is ideal to help prevent fire extinguishers from being stolen.  The STI6200 is entirely battery powered and can be used to protect all extinguishers.



The STI6200 has a high output integral sounder which emits a piercing alarm when the fire extinguisher is removed from its installed position.  The STI6200 can easily be disabled using a special cable for the purposes carrying out routine maintenance on the extinguisher.

The STI6200 has a highly visible red outer casing which is designed to act as a warning not to tamper with the fire extinguisher.  The unit uses a standard 9V DC PP3 battery for power which can be bought easily at many outlets on the high street.

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