22Feb 2011
by Nick Potter

STI6531 Manual Call Point Stopper

STI 6531 Call Point Cover Now Superseeded

The Safety Centre are now featuring the replacement to the STI6531 manual call point stopper on their website.  The new version of the STI-6531 is the STI-15C10ML Call Point Stopper.  This unit is a surface mounted polycarbonate enclosure designed to be installed over a fire alarm manual call point.  The unit is manufactured by STI Europe who specialise in equipment designed to protect fire alarm equipment.

The STI-15C10ML Call Point Stopper provides a barrier between the call point and helps to prevent accidental false alarms and malicious alarm activations.  However in real fire emergency situations the call point underneath the stopper can be accessed by simply lifting up the hinged lid allowing the call point to be activated.  For additional security the STI-15C10ML call point stopper can also be fitted with a security lock or break seal.

The STI-15C10ML Call Point Stopper is ideal for use in sports halls, schools, nursing homes, hotels and public buildings.  The unit is available in red and green.  For further protection against malicious false alarms there is also a version of the unit available with an internal siren which activates when the call point housing is lifted up to activate the call point.

STI-15C10ML Call Point Stopper

For Further Information Please Click The Following Link:-  STI-15C10ML Call Point Stopper