13Aug 2013
by Nick Potter

The Fire Beam Detectors Now Available

The Safety Centre are pleased to introduce The Fire Beam range of reflective beam detectors to our product portfolio. These units are ideal for use with either conventional or analogue addressable fire alarm systems. The Fire Beam detector is a motorised self-aligning device with a low level controller.
The Fire Beam

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The Fire Beam Reflective Beam Detector Kits

There are two standard The Fire Beam kits available to purchase. These are the FIREBEAM and FIREBEAM-AF kits. The kits are a standard reflective beam detector and an antifog version which comes supplied with an antifog window and single antifog reflector. As standard they are capable of covering a range of upto 40 metres. However if a larger distance needs to be covered the range extension kits can be used.  Each standard fire beam detector kit comes supplied with a low level controller unit.  From this low level controller adjustments and changes of settings on the head unit can be made without having to access the main detector head at high level.

The Fire Beam Range Extension Kits

There are several range extension kits available in both standard and antifog versions. The 40KIT80 and 80KIT100 are standard versions which increase the range of the beam detector to 80 and 100 metres respectively. These kits consist of additional reflector plates and a mounting plate which provide a larger area for the optical beam of the head unit to be reflected from. The 40KIT80-AF and 80KIT100-AF are the antifog range extension kits. Again these kits allow the range to be extended to either 80 or 100 metres. However these extension kits include the antifog reflectors.

The Fire Beam Mounting Brackets

To mount the beam detector there are extra brackets available. The ADAPTER kit allows the mounting of the main detector head unit on unistrut. Whereas the is also the FB-BRACKET kit available which is an adjustable wall mounting bracket designed specifically for use with The Fire Beam range.

If you’re interested in these products you may also be interested in our Fireray Beam Detectors and Apollo XP95 Beam Detector ranges. If you would like more information then please contact us.

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