30Apr 2012
by The Safety Centre

The Safety Centre Tee Up The Fire Alarm System at Mansion Golf Resort

The Electro Detectors Zerio Plus Wireless Fire Alarm System was the perfect choice for the installation of a new fire alarm system in the Mansion House at Tracy Park which is a 3 star Hotel & Golf resort near Bath.
Tracey Park Golf Resort

The building is finished to a high standard of decoration and the proposed installation needed to cause minimal disruption to the day to day running of the business. The decision was made to install a radio system using the latest EN54 Pt25 compliant Zerio Plus system from Electro Detectors. The installation was carried out swiftly without any disruption to the clients business. The system is made up of a main control panel and 3 signal boosters which provide the wireless infrastructure throughout the building. the whole system was installed in less than a week with no disruption whatsoever to the daily running of the hotel or its clientel.

For More Information On This System Please Click The Following Link:- Electro Detectors Zerio Plus