10Sep 2012
by The Safety Centre

Travelodge Standardise On Notifier Fire Alarm Systems

The Travelodge Hotel Group have standardised on using Notifier Fire Alarm Systems.  These systems are well reknowned for being of high build quality and also being extremely programmable.  The extra cause and effect programming features offered by Notifier Fire Alarm Systems above other manufacturers of fire alarm systems make them the ideal choice of system for Travelodge hotels.
Notifier Fire Alarm Systems

Notifier are owned by the Honeywell group and are one of the largest fire alarm system manufacturers in the world.  They are currently protecting many prestigious sites around the globe.  Notifier Fire Alarm Systems can offer a complete system package which includes panels, detectors, call points, sounders, beacons and interfaces all supplied by Notifier.  These devices have all been designed specifically for use with Notifier Fire Alarm Systems.

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