03Feb 2011
by The Safety Centre

Two Wire Fire Alarm Systems

Two Wire Fire Alarms

Traditionally fire alarm systems have been know as conventional / non-addressable and analogue addressable type fire alarm systems.  However in recent years a new type of fire alarm system has been introduced into the market.  These systems are known as two wire systems.

What are Two Wire Fire Alarm Systems?

Two Wire Fire Alarm Systems are zoned similarly to a conventional fire alarm system in that the panels are sized by the amount of zones they can accomodate.  Typically two wire fire alarm system panels are available in 2 zone, 4 zone and 8 zones, again similar to modern conventional fire alarm systems.  A traditional conventional fire alarm system will have seperate detection zone radial circuits which accomodate the detectors and call points on the system and seperate sounder and beacons radial circuits.  The difference with a two-wire fire alarm system is that they can accomodate detectors, call points, sounder and beacons all on the zone radial circuit.

The benifits of Two Wire Fire Alarm Systems

The main benifit of two wire fire alarm systems is the reduced installation costs.  With the detectors, call points, sounders and beacons all being on the same radial circuit there is now no need to wire seperate sounder radial circuits.  This can reduce the installation costs dramatically and also reduce the installation time.

Another benifit of Two Wire Fire Alarm Systems is that many of the manufacturers have detectors with integral sounders.  This again means that the system can offer detection and sounders in a single installation point on the same radial zone circuit, again reducing installation costs.

Two Wire Fire Alarm System


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