04Jul 2013
by Nick Potter

Why You Should Have a Foam Fire Extinguisher

Whilst traditional water options are highly capable, a foam fire extinguisher is even more effective. As well as being suitable for class B flammable liquids such as liquid fires including paints, thinners, petrol and oil, they can also be used on class A fires such as man made furnishings. And because they have a higher class A rating per litre than water fire extinguishers, it means you can choose the more lightweight and portable option, ideal for an office environment.
Foam Fire Extinguishers

A Foam Fire Extinguishers Boasts Many Great Features

At the Safety Centre with have 6 great foam fire extinguishers to choose from, available in 6 and 9 litre capacities. Offering great value for money, the Value Foam Fire Extinguisher is available for a small price whilst providing huge benefits. The model has a fire rating of 13A 144B, is BSEN3 approved, discharges in only 25 seconds and comes with a highly useful wall bracket so you can station it almost anywhere within the environment. And if that wasn’t enough, we when you purchase a foam fire extinguisher from the Safety Centre, you’re given a 5 year warranty too.

As mentioned previously, foam fire extinguishers are a better option than water solutions, with a 6 litre model being the same strength as the larger 9 litre water option. That gives you a great idea of just how capable and powerful a foam fire extinguisher is.

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